Friends of Glass

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Video / Watch the bottle in action as they're used to bamboozle people around the world.
Illustrious. 2016

Talking Glass bottles

Custom prop design for a viral film.

When Martyn Ware from the Human League approaches you and asks how to create a set of talking bottles for a viral film about glass recycling, you sometimes really do have to pinch yourself that you're not dreaming (wearing a pair of Kokoon headphones). 

Friends of Glass is a charity focussed on encouraging the use and recycling of glass based products. We worked to create a set of wine, olive oil, beer and even tomato passata bottles that used completely wireless speaker systems hidden inside them. We used 3D printing and CNC engineering together with incredible model making detailing to create accurate and realistic looking and feeling props. These fake bottles were hidden in supermarkets around the world where comedians hid away in the back rooms of supermarkets talking to the public through the special bottles on the shelves.