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Video / Google Home Assistant Basic Demonstration
Google Home. 2017

Google Home

Voice app design and consulting

We were asked by London based Rehab Studio to help them design and develop various voice skills for a range of their clients.

We were contacted by Rehab because of our previous work developed and designed with Google. Due to confidentiality, we cannot discuss what we explicitly worked together on and for who unfortunately. 
Our process though for working with voice interactions, is highly brand driven, specifically through copywriting and tone of voice. 
We often work creatively with the latest technology stacks available with a creative technologist approach to applications. 
With Rehab, Karl Sadler worked as a consulting Creative Director to answer client RFPs in the field of voice skills and actions and used his multidisciplinary background to rapidly ideate concepts and creative problem solving that they could implement.
We have an experienced approach and process to working interactively with natural user interfaces using speech, and we are currently developing our own tools that help deliver brand driven applications like custom voice and sound design. Please get in touch if you are exploring how your product and services can come alive through conversation.